Three are Dead

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Warning spoiler alert: Major spoilers!!!!!!

That  is the start to the new book and movie I Am Number Four staring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron, and Teresa Palmer, and was directed by D. J. Caruso, produced by Michael Bay, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. This is a great movie about a young boy who is forced to leave his home planet to escape those who wanted him and the other nine dead, Magadorians.  He is number four of nine the first three were killed by the Magadorians. Number one was killed in Malaysia, Number two was murdered in England, and Number three was hunted down in Kenya. The movie begins with showing us the death of number three and him, Number four, saying “before the come for the others they will come for me. I am number four.” He says this because a charm was put on them before they left Lorien, their home planet, so that they could only be killed in their numeric order until all their legacies developed or that they find each other, at least one other. We then watch as he grows, developes his first legacies, and finds his true love. His name is now John Smith as he moves to a new school, he falls in love with Sarah Hart, and developes the legacy of lumen with which he can put a light on in his hands and will eventually be fire resistent. As the movie continues he runs into many troubles, including a run in with the Magadorians. Later he finds another one of the nine, thus breaking the charm, and must fight the Magadorians, during their second encounter, together. When it is all over the Magadorians are slain (at least the ones that attacked them), his father figure is dead, he is hurt, and three more people know his secret. Now that the charm is broken he and six, the one who came to help him from the nine, must leave to help the others and make sure they aren’t killed, and because there is power in numbers, especially in this case for they really are stronger toghether. This is a great movie and book if you haven’t seen it yet I highly suggest doing so. There will be a second book The Power of six to be released August 23rd 2011.

Hope you enjoy the movie and book leave me a comment to tell me what you think when you see the movie or read the book.

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